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2018-09-18 12:20   新闻中心 审核人:



珍惜青春 不误韶华


Cherishing Youth and Seizing Every Minute

Cultivating Yourselves to Be Pillars for Chinese Rejuvenation




Respected parents and teachers,

Dear students,

Good morning


Today, we’re gathered here for the opening ceremony and commendation conference of the school year 2018-2019. First of all, on behalf of all faculty members, I’d like to extend my warm welcome to our 2,584 freshmen and 282 new postgraduates, my sincere congratulations to all groups and students winning awards, and my high respect to all parents and teachers who’ve contributed to your growth!


Dear students, you have realized the dream of "being a university student". Congratulations! It's a big step forward. The other day, I saw you were so disciplined and well organized in goose steps. I am very pleased with your excellent performance in the parade of military training. You have well passed your first class in university with flying colors. I’m proud of you!


Dear students, the first question worth your deep thinking in university life is: What is a university? Literally, university means “great learning” in Chinese. As the saying goes, “The way of the great learning involves manifesting virtue, loving the people, and abiding by the highest good.” The reason why a university is a university is that it represents the height of social moral civilization, pursues self-improvement and development, and has the spirit of transforming the present, creating the future and keeping pace with the times. The “greatness” of university lies in its responsibility to the nation and the society. Universities shoulder not only the task of pursuing truth and innovating knowledge, but also the mission of cultivating talents and serving the society. Its “learning” is dependent on the students. The university should not only teach the students to have the foundation of self-reliance, genuine talent and practical learning, but also establish a correct student-centered concept of university. We should respect, care for and cherish every student so that students can realize the importance of themselves in society and your dignity and value. A university is also a think tank of modern society, inspiring thoughts and cultivating ethics and ideals. University is also a sanctuary of human spirit, aiming at improving people's mind and spirit, cultivation and culture, and cultivating noble personality. The mission of the university is to cultivate more outstanding citizens responsible for the future of our nation and make contribution to the society.


Dear students, thank you for choosing Huawai. In the 23 years since its establishment, Huawai has been adhering to its educational concept “all is done for students to be integrated, talented and successful” and offering the most responsible, students-centered education to serve the country and local needs. It has also been striving to be a non-profit, century-old prestigious university, a high-level, non-public foreign language university with global perspective. To date, Huaqiao has achieved many “firsts” and “onlys” in China: The first non-public college run by donations in the country; the only provincial key university in the country; the only pilot unit in the country to explore the mode of running a non-profit non-public university; the only non-public university in the country to be selected into the "National Basic Capacity Building Project in the Midwest"; and the only non-public University in the country to be granted a master's degree; the first private university to pass the examination and evaluation of the Ministry of Education.


Huawai adheres to education for public welfare and cultivation of application-oriented talents, enjoying reputation at home and abroad. It has been one of the top 50 universities whose graduates have the most satisfactory jobs. It has been selected into Top 10 Non-profit Colleges and Universities in China for many years, ranking first among non-public foreign language universities. Experts from China’s Ministry of Education praise Huawai as “a high-level university with responsibility, contribution, distinctive features and a promising future, and Huawai is a banner of non-public universities in China”!


Dear students, you are fortunate to be Huawai students. The 13th Five-Year Plan is a key period for the development of Huawai. The quality teaching resources here will provide you with a favorable learning and living environment, including the modern, international library, our unique Global Villages, and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Building under construction etc. Today, I’d like to offer four proposals as your president and teacher.


Firstly, I hope you to set high ambitions. Whatever you aim to learn, you need to set your ambitions first, namely, your goals and ideals. As university students born in the 1990s or 2000s, you’re laying foundation for life while setting ambitions. You should know that your ideals will decide what kind of life you will achieve. The American philosopher Emerson once said, "The whole world will give way to the man who is committed to his goal." President Xi said, "If the young generation has ideals and shoulders responsibilities, the nation will have a promising future." Students must bear in mind that "everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world" and must love the motherland above all else. I hope you to be ambitious and down-to-earth, and make great efforts to realize your ideals!


Second, I hope you to cultivate high morality. Morality means being fair, decent, integrated and upright. It is the yardstick for human development and the foundation of personality shaping. The ancient saying goes that to make contributions to the country, one must have morality first. Morality can often make up for lack of wisdom, but wisdom can hardly do the same. "The value orientation of youth determines the value orientation of the whole society in the future". "The buttons of life must be fastened from the very beginning." A person's character directly determines the value and contribution of this person to society. "Virtue" is the essential quality of college students, and the premise for growth and success. College students must cultivate your morality to achieve success. I hope that you will learn to behave, pay attention to your conduct, cultivate your sentiments, and become a man of both ability and integrity. Therefore, I hope you to refine your character and grow into talents with high morality and refined expertise!


Third, I hope you study hard. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. "Birds must flap their wings if they want to fly high." I hope you will take learning as the top priority and responsibility during this most critical learning stage in life. I hope you to learn to learn, and establish a positive perspective of learning. Preparedness ensures success, and unpreparedness spells failure. Efficiency comes from diligence. Success depends on forethought. The great musician Mozart said, "Whoever works as hard as me will be as successful as I am." Wisdom lies in diligence; genius lies in accumulation. If you don't climb mountains, you don't know how tall it is. Please bear in mind that diligence and hard work will make youth bloom.


Finally, I hope you grow in practice. True knowledge comes from practice, and capability grows in meeting challenges. I hope you to practice the school motto “bridging Chinese and foreign cultures and striving to be talents” while participating in public welfare undertakings, volunteer service activities and social practices. Cultivate a high sense of social responsibility, and strive to develop your comprehensive language ability, cross-cultural communication ability, practical innovation ability and adaptability to development. It is as important to cultivate language skills, cross-cultural communication skills, and innovation spirit. Please keep in mind the excellence-seeking and never-say-die Huawai spirit while walking on your path towards success, to which there is no shortcut. Any successful person must be an active person, an honest and self-disciplined person, a persistent person, willing to make more efforts. I hope you to go upstream against obstacles and become better selves!


"A promising young generation makes a promising nation." Dear students, you are the future of China, the hope of the Chinese nation, and the pride of Huawai. I hope you to cherish every minute and shoulder responsibilities to become outstanding university students of the new era!



Dear students, youth is the foundation for making efforts today and asset for memories tomorrow. Let us work together to open a new chapter in life and work hard for a better future of you and of Huawai! I wish you great success!

Thank you!


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